Busy day yesterday

A few of my coworkers came by to get a tour of the house yesterday after work. They were quite surprised at how big the basement was after all the walls were removed. Of course, the deck in the backyard with all the trees was another major attraction! After they were gone, I went home to change and met Kel back at the house. Kel continued his work on the electrical as I worked on taking off the brick patterned wallpaper. Guess what I found? The previous owners had actually put up 3 layers of wallpaper!

Later that night, our friends Wayne and Andrea came by. They wanted to see the house they've been reading about and get a tour. Most importantly, they brought over a blender, ice and drink mix and started preparing drinks for us from the deck! I've invited our visitors to be our guest blogger on their visit. Please stand by...

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  1. PATSY'S GOD MUM-PAMELAJuly 24, 2009 at 3:50 AM

    Great job, so amazing, "ADD OIL", we are waiting
    the baby born!