Day 5

Almost forgot to post today. Started off late today (around 10ish) as we have been working pretty hardcore for the last 4 days so taking it a bit easy today. Dad finished off the remaining demo on the walkin closet while I worked on clearing out the wood panel in the basement. I spend some time playing Tetris in the garbage bin, I had to try and make more room to accommodate all the garbage the basement is generating. At the end of the day my Tetris didn’t work out as the bin is full and there are still junk in the basement. May have to rent another bin =|

Dad and I went to check out this tile store today after lunch as there was a special sale for Canada Day. There still no tile for the shower but after 30 mins, I can’t decide what colour to get. I am leaning toward a darker tile but that may clash with the other wall. Will have to wait for Patsy to come back and make a decision.

No pictures today as there is not much new. Hopefully there will be something tomorrow!

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