Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday, Wayne and I stopped by to visit Kel and Patsy to see their new place for the first time. We were greeted by Patsy and managed to catch her hard at work removing wallpaper... Proof that progress on the blog doesn't just magically happen! :)

We were then treated with a grand tour of the new place including all the progress that had been made on the main floor and finished basement (or "Man Cave" as Patsy puts it). At this point I was volun-told by Wayne to remind Kel to install the floor-to-ceiling home theatre in the basement since he already had Patsy's approval. Here's a pic of Kel showing us around, pointing out the reinforcements made to a load-bearing pillar:

Oh and you might have noticed the cups in the guy's hands. To help Patsy and Kel relax after a long day at work & renovating the new place, we wanted to bring along a blender, a bag of ice, a bottle of rum, and some drink mix (Strawberry Daiquiri and Marguirita). Here's a pic of the mixing and drinking process which, as seems to be the norm when the group of us get together, started early and often:

... and here are the pics of us enjoying the drinks outside on the deck overlooking the nice tall trees. Unfortunately our pics of the trees did not turn out since it was starting to get dark...

When we decided to head back in, we found that because the door was accidentally left open, a few (rather large) mosquitos got into the house. This proceeded to us running around and hunting them down with rolled-up magazines. All in all a great night. Thanks for letting us visit guys, and giving us the grand tour! I hope we didn't cause too much disruption, and we can't wait to see more progress on your new home on the blog.

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