Day 18 to Day 24

Been a while since I updated the blog on our progress. The reason is we haven’t done anything dramatic lately, dad and I have been doing electrical work and there’s not a lot to show. We replaced all the wiring so all the receptacles has a grounding and we installed a couple sets of new light switches. We started to install the pot lights on the ensuite but I am unsure how it will turn out. After the first one is up, the light seems too big for the space. Anyhow, I am going over tonight and the goal tonight will be to have all the receptacles in the master bedroom and walk-in closet hooked up.

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  1. Though there is no dramatic modifications lately,it's still good to know that you/yr Dad & Patsy/yr Mom dids a lot to back you up by enlightening yr heart as well yr new house. By when you can move in is essential, but the major is to do rather all basic modifications as the priority to avoid regret in doing the re-adjustment afterward. Rush to fix the window and doors first. Keep the finger cross,you can get the best rock-bottom offer soon.