Day 7

Had a couple of visitors at around lunch time today. Ken and Elaine swing by to grab some tools back, they saw the garbage bin outside and said they loaded their bin even higher than the one at my house. Taking that as a guideline, my dad and I did some more demo in the basement.

After that, we started to do some electrical work. We spend about 2 hours in the basement trying to figure out which breaker is for which room. It seems like the old owner ran the entire house's lights and receptacles on one breaker. Took us a while to untangle everything and sort things out in the basement. After we have that sorted out, I went up into the attic and installed 4 pot lights in the kitchen. I looks pretty nice and I hope it's bright enough.

Once again, I forgot the camera =| Will bring it tomorrow and take some photos of the new pot lights!

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  1. Can you take a picture of the garbage bin too? :D