Day 6

Finally finished framing the master bedroom today. The only thing that is missing is the door but I plan to get one of those pre-hung ones so no rush there. Plus, it’s easier to move material in and out without a door. My Dad have leave early for dinner so I spend sometime after cleaning up around the house and then I went into the basement and figured out what to do with it.

One of the things I have to incorporate in the new basement is the drainage for the new ensuite. I was down there for about 20 mins imaging how it will look it. I got something figured out, hope Patsy will like it too.

Going to finally do the lighting tomorrow. I have a feeling I will be spending the majority of the day in the attic sweating my butt off.

I was having problem getting a good shot at the newly framed master bedroom and I thought of a great idea, take a walk through video! I have the video but is rotated 90 degree to the right. I didn’t know the records at a different angle..grr...will have to redo it an upload something tomorrow.

On a side note, the bunny ran out of food today so I swing by Price Chopper today to get her some veggie. Ended with getting her a romaine lettuce, 40 brussels sprout and a small bag of baby carrots. I figured I will rotate her veggie selection so she won’t get bored of just eating lettuce everyday…I wonder if she notice the change =D

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