Day 17

I've never gotten anything useful for free from any store before, but damn it feels good! I went to Canadian Tire after work yesterday to pick up some paint thinner to clean the tar/rubber stuff we used to waterproof the roof and came upon this pack of 120 screw bits for $9.99. Since we need some new ones anyway, I picked it up and went to pay. I used the self checkout line first and upon scanning it, it showed as “$34.99”. Thinking I got the wrong pack, I went back to the shelf to double check the price myself and asked a sales guy to check as well. I got the clarification that it was indeed $9.99 and that there was a mis-price. I then went to the cashier to pay for the paint thinner and walked out with 120 screw bits for free.

How did I manage that? There is something called “Scanning Code of Practice” that all major retailers are part of. Basically, if there is a price mismatch between the advertised price and the scanned price of a non-price ticketed item, the customer is entitled to receive the first item free, up to $10 maximum. Took me about 10 minutes to wait for the cashier to ask her manager and etc, but it was worth it!

After arriving at the house, I started to do some wiring. I got a new wire to the master bedroom and one to the multi-purpose room in the basement. I lost track of time while working and didn’t notice it was 10pm until Wallace called me. I think I should set an alarm so I know what time it is. It is garbage day today so I took 3 bags out to the curb and one to Patsy’s house. Now that the garbage bin is gone, I am starting to miss it.

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