Day 11 to Day 16

Sorry for the delay in updates! But we had a busy weekend as Patsy arrives back in Toronto Friday night for her co-worker’s wedding on Saturday. Because of that, we didn’t get to work on the house till Sunday. But with Patsy back, there’s an extra pair of hands around to work on the house!

While Dad and I worked on the leak caused by the deck roof, Mom taught Patsy how to remove wall paper. Took Dad and I about 6 hours to remove and repair the damage caused by the improper fitting between the house roof and the deck roof. If the person that did the original work did it right it would of only taken him another 20 mins and $40 worth of material. Took Ken and I another 2 hours today to put the deck roof back on today.

It took us a total of 8 hours to fix this mistake. I know for sure now the roof will not leak again.

Patsy took some photos around the house but she doesn’t have a card reader for it. Will try and upload those tomorrow!

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