Day 7 and 8

Missed the update yesterday because I was busy doing research on furnace and AC because a guy is coming in for quotation today. I didn’t want to meet him and not have a clue what model he’s offering and etc. He seems to offer a pretty decent deal for a new furnace, AC and a air cleaner according to the info I am finding on redflagdeals. The only thing that bother me about him was he didn’t do any heat lost calculation on the house and just estimate the size of furnace and AC size. I want to get another quotation but this deal is tried to Home Depot and it has a no interest/no payment for 1 year. That deal ended yesterday but the guy is willing to back date the purchase order. What to do...

During the last 2 days, dad and I spend the majority of our time running electrical wiring to the house. Glad to say there’s electricity to 80% of the house now! I am going to wire the master bedroom this week, probably won’t be hooking it into the panel box till later this week.

Also spend some time on the roof this weekend. There are some problems there that need to be address so it won’t leak into the house.

Problem 1 - the eavesdrop was clot bad. The leaves and etc has been in the eavesdrop so long that it has actually turned into dirt and there were actually tiny plants growing. Found some tiny maggots in there today too while I was cleaning it.

Problem 2 – the handy roof that`s over the deck. The people that did the house roof did not place a drip edge so the wood is exposed to the elements. Normally that won`t be a problem because the shingles are bend into the eavesdrop but on the deck roof, they just bend the shingles on top of the deck roof. They broke one of those pieces and that allowed water to run into the wood and rot pieces of it away. Which in turn cause a leak into the deck and attic when rains. Going to spend Sunday fixing that.

The damn garbage bin is still here, I called them for a pickup on Friday and it still here! Grr...going to have to call them again tomorrow if the damn bin is still there!

Back to normal day job tomorrow. So there will be less updates as I won`t be able to work on the house as often during the day.

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